My Friend in Canada, eh.

Remember those old jokes about having a boyfriend from Canada... yeah Canada, that's it... he's from Canada... that's why you can't meet him... Well, actually I have a good freind from there who put me in touch with a great communications consultant who's been helping me with my web site and organizing this blog. The reason I mention it is that he let me know about an organization there called KINSA which is a sort of lobbying group trying to protect kids from internet porn. They are trying to change legislation and provide resources to keep people informed. While the site may be geared toward the folks up north, the information is still invaluable, so check it out. I've added their site to my Friends and Favourites list over on the left. I apprecate the great suggestion and will be looking for more site like it to help you out. If you know of a good site, let me know and maybe I'll add it here too. Keep your eye on my main web site because I plan to add a similar link page there soon.

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