I Spy with my little... software!

For a long time I've been hesitant to consider the use of tracking software to keep tabs on computer use. It seemed a little hypocritical to me that anybody preaching about the necessity of protecting privacy would be willing to turn around and "spy" on somebody. Where do you draw the line when protecting your kid? Well, as I say on my Kid Friendly Internet site - you probably wouldn't let your kids go to the park without watching them. You probably wouldn't let them head off to the mall all alone, either. So, then, what's the difference about supervising their online activities? Consider this interesting statistic - the average age when a child is first exposed to hard core pornography on the web is 11. And 90% of kids between the ages of 8 and 18 who regularly use the internet have watched porn - most while they are supposed to be doing homework! So, then, there is certainly a strong argument for watching over them.

One good way of doing that is by using tracker software. These programs provide the best of both worlds. They allow you to stay out of your kids personal space while they are online, but to also keep a safe watch over their safety. For me, the key is letting them know you're watching. It isn't nice to spy, but there's nothing wrong with deterrence, either. So let them know you have installed software that will tell you exactly what they are doing. One great product that I was introduced to recently is called My Kids Browser. This program is meant to replace the standard web browser and helps you control what your kids access online. You can set access based on each child's age and set limits for the amount of time they are online and control which sites they visit. For your older kids, you can also set up secure logs that will allow you to see exactly what they are doing, the sites they visit and how long they stay. There's also features to help you track e-mail and IM activity. It's one of many great products that help you manage your kids online activities and keep them safe. I've added a link on the left and to my main web site. You can it and other great products out by clicking here.

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