For your Grown Up Einsteins

Any parent with kids under six know exactly what I mean when I mention Baby Einstein. Not only is our six month old starting to enjoy Bard and the gang, but our three and a half year old still gets a kick out of watching his old favorites - although the Little Einstein series is his "favourite in the whole wide world forever". Anyway, Julie Clark who founded the company has a new venture and is now pitching educational safety programs along with her partner John Walsh who you'll probably remember from the more grown up television program America's Most Wanted. Anyway their products are great and you can check them out here. There's currently two products available. One about dealing with strangers and the other about how to be safe online. Which is exactly why I'm mentioning it here. I've added a link over on the left and will also provide more info on my web site: for those who want to check it out later.

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