Yo Yo Yo

I received a nice e-mail the other day from Lynn who is part of a group who has developed a new web site that is really great. Here's how she describes it... "This site was developed with children's safety in mind. Parent involvement is key to helping keep our kids safe. The only people our kids can communicate with our the ones we, as parents approve. No personal information is give out at any time."

Although the site is still in it's Beta stage (that means it's still being tested to us ordinary folks), it has a lot of great features worth looking at that kids will love - e-mail, instant messaging, homework help, and games. For parents, there's the assurance that it is a safe place for our kids to play. Check it out here. Registration is free.


Susan said...

I checked out and I must's great! My kids love it and they're inviting all of their friends to join. My kids are only 7 and 9 and have been asking for their own email for months. I can see all of the messages they send or receive and I get to approve anyone they communicate with...Thank you for the info!

Jayne Beasley said...

This site is wonderful. With 5 kids in my house someone always wants to get on the computer - I checked this site out and it is safe and my kids love it. So now when they want to get onto the computer I say yes. There are so many great things for the kids learn about. I enjoy it myself. There is not alot out there these days that is not kid safe- so as parents we nee to take advantage of the things that are. I encourage all parents with children to signup. Yokidsyo works for my busy household. What a great and safe idea. Cheers to those who had the inspiration and insite to watch out for all of the kids.

Sandy said...

Sidney, Thank you for the heads up on this site. I checked out and think it is great! My 9 year old son loves it. He and his friends are instant messaging and e-mailing. He had to do a small book report and got help from the homework links on this site. I feel very comfortable with him using Thank YOU!!