Justice carries a sword. But she's also blind!

Okay, I know this is a little off topic, but I couldn't help wondering about this story on CNN. In Wisconsin, a man did what few of us would - he tried to help when he heard (mistakenly) a women in distress. Instead of being considered a hero, he now faces criminal charges - for, among other things, carrying a sword. Sure he made a mistake, and without question, he should compensate for his actions. But to face a criminal charge for trying to do the right thing sends the wrong message on every level imaginable. In some States there are laws that make it illegal to ignore somebody in distress. Shouldn't we also consider laws that protect those who do step up, who may possibly put themselves at risk, to help?

Much of what I blog about here is aimed at protecting our kids and ourselves from potential harm online. As individuals, we must take personal responsibility to look after ourselves. But at the same time, we're taking action to protect our children. I don't imagine any one of us would hesitate to jump to their defence when we sensed danger. And wouldn't we all be willing to help anyone else's child when they face those same risks? And if we're willing to help a child, why wouldn't we also be willing to help another adult when they are in peril? I hope we can all be as willing to help as the gentleman in Wisconsin. And I hope that real justice is done so that we can all feel a little safer knowing our neighbors are looking out for us - whether it's at home or online.

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