Blogs or Bust

I'm a blogger. I'm proud of it. And there are countless millions of others out there who are too. So how do we say no to our kids when they want to have their own blog? A recent series of articles highlights some of the pitfalls of allowing youngsters to blog. The nature of blogs is that they don't do well when it comes to privacy. They open the door to threatening posts, loss of anonymity, and countless other potential abuses. Like anything internet related, kids need to be careful and parents watchful when it comes to blogs. Set some rules and guidelines, keep an eye on the content, and talk to them constantly about what they are doing. If your kids want to set up a blog, help them set it up with you as the moderator. They can then prepare posts that can't be published until you've had a chance to review them first. It's up to us as parents to set boundaries, and as bloggers to set an example!

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PintSizeGamer said...

I agree that it is something that parents need to work hard at monitoring. Our video game site for kids has my kids doing reviews and participating in the blog creation and design. It has provided amazing educational opportunities for them. At the same time, it is necessary to watch what they see and read.