Anonymous e-mail generator.... what a great idea!

Doing a completely unrelated web surf, I came across information about this great service that allows you to generate anonymous e-mail addresses. Why? Have you tried to get information from a web site recently? Have to tired to register for a "free" something or other? What about signing up for a news feed, or just about anything you want on the web? I'll bet your kids have! So what happens when you do? Spam, spam and more spam. And that's the good news. The bad news is that the information you share can be used to compromise your security and safety both online and off. Well, this service offers a way to get around sharing your personal information (ie. your email address) when signing onto one of these sites or services. It generates an anonymous and random link that allows you to keep your personal info safe and still get the information you want. And best of all - its free! What a great idea!

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